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The California Department of Motor Vehicles is where you go if you need to get your drivers license, an identification card, a vehicle registration, or to take a driving test. The CA Department of Motor Vehicle has different requirements for different types of vehicles, such as motorcycles and boats vs. traditional passenger cars. There are also different requirements for different counties, for example, some counties require a smog inspection for registration renewal while others do not. It is important to know what to expect before making a trip to your local Dept. of Motor Vehicles otherwise you will be wasting your time as well as theirs.

To learn what paper work is necessary before renewing a vehicle registration, reporting a lost drivers license or ID card, or even to view publications from the DMV of California visit the official site of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Their site is easy to navigate and will have most of the answers to your questions.

In order to save you even more time on your trip to the Motor Vehicles Department, California has conveniently created an online appointment system so that you can schedule an appointment at the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles branch of your choice. You may schedule an appointment up to 45 days early and appointments can be made for driver’s license, identification card, and vehicle registration services. You can even schedule a driving test and make an appointment ahead of time.

The DMV of California also helps with the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. Search here for more information about Organ and Tissue donation facts and then go to the official CA DMV site to register. You could save a life, or 50! is not owned, operated, or affiliated with any government agency. is a privately owned, for-profit web site. specifically disclaims any and all connection with any state bureau, division, or Department of Motor Vehicles, or any state or federal government agency. does its best to post correct information about the state motor vehicle department on its site but does not claim responsibility for the accuracy of the information displayed herein. It is not complete or certified information. Additionally, expressly disclaims any and all liability for third party links or resources and any claims of negligence arising from same. For official information, please consult your state motor vehicle department.